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About St. Mary's County

Chesapeake Bay

St. Mary's County is home to the exquisite Chesapeake Bay region of Maryland. The wonderful communities of St. Mary's County are teeming with history, rich culture and a love of the arts. Currently, home to over 100,000 people, the historic St. Mary's County is located in Maryland and was first established in 1637. The county is home to the site of the first established colony within Maryland. The ever-expanding population of St. Mary's has risen sharply in recent decades, giving rise to a change in the nature of the communities found within the region. Traditionally, St. Mary's County has been known for its communities' historic culture, as well as the unique character of its Chesapeake Bay crabbing and fishing communities.


Originally the land was settled by Native Americans long before the first Europeans arrived. When colonials first arrived in the area, it was under the direction of Lord Baltimore. Settlers set sail from Cowes, England on the Ark and the Dove, landing on St. Clements Island in 1634.

The settlers never intended to settle permanently on the island; the island was too small and lacked natural resources needed to sustain the settlers. From this locale, the English settlers were able to scout the nearby area that was to become St. Mary's City. This new area became the first permanent settlement in Maryland.

The County was officially established in 1637, and just 12 years later in 1649, Lord Baltimore, in concert with the Maryland General Assembly, approved the Maryland Toleration Act. The new act provided protection for the religious freedom of any Christian sect. The law set a precedent as the first law of its kind in the New World. Today, the county is considered the birthplace of religious freedom in North America.

Parks and Recreation


Residents of St. Mary's County are fortunate to live in a County that offers a multitude of opportunities for recreational enjoyment. Activities are available at a variety of locations throughout the region. The County is home to many parks and other recreational areas. Many of the parks offer amenities, such as playgrounds, sports fields, tennis courts, pavilions and more. For residents who are in search of exceptional recreation, additional activities can be found at the Skate Park at Nicolet, the Sprayground at Nicolet Park and the Three Notch Trail


Cardinal Gibbons Park Cecil Park
Chancellor's Run
Regional Park
Chaptico Park
Dorsey Park
Elm's Beach Park
Fifth District Park
Hollywood Soccer Complex
Jarboesville Park
John G. Lancaster Park
Laurel Ridge Park
John Bagget Park at Laurel Grove
Miedzinski Park
Myrtle Point Park
Nicolet Park
Piney Point
Lighthouse Park
Seventh District Park
St. Andrews Estates Park
St. Clements Shores Park
Town Creek Park

Farming and Fishing

Farming and fishing very important aspects of the County's unique identity. Fishing communities are found along the coast and offer residents access to fresh seafood, great restaurants and many wonderful seafood festivals and events throughout the year.

Farming is also a big part of the County's history and culture. Throughout the County, residents may discover many wonderful farms, as well as farmers and Amish markets. Along the roads, residents may also see produce stands and huge corn mazes.

The County's Living History

The area is brimming with historic sites reflecting the County's long colonial history. From St. Mary's City to the many wonderful historic buildings scattered throughout the County, history in the St. Mary's County is alive.

Historic Sites

Tudor Hall
Summerseat Farm
St. Clement’s Island Museum
Sotterley Plantation
Potomac Heritage National Scenic Trail
Piney Point Lighthouse, Museum and Historic Park
Patuxent River Naval Air Museum
Old Jail Museum
Historic St. Mary’s City
Drayden African-American Schoolhouse

Real Estate in St Mary's County

The county is located on the St. Mary's Peninsula and is primarily bordered by water. To the northeast corridor of the county lies the Patuxent River, to the east one will find the Chesapeake Bay, bordering the southwestern corridor of the County is the Potomac River, and the Wicomico River borders the wester portion of the County.

The County's coastline is home to a great many coves, inlets, bays and tidal creeks. Along the coast, one will find cliffs and bluffs, protecting the County's rich interior from storm surges. The County is a popular area for those searching for well-priced waterfront homes.

In the past, St. Mary's was known for its charming quiet and rural nature, however, in recent years the character of the County has substantially changed. Today, the County is a dynamic and growing region with a growing military installation, who employs many of the County's 100,000 plus residents. The County's Naval Air Station is the employer of approximately one fifth of the County's population.

Homes For Sale

There are many wonderful homes for sale along the County's extensive coastline. One will also find many housing options within the interior portions of the County. From the coastal plains to the rolling hills of the central part of the county, residential development has been steadily increasing for decades. Home buyers will find options for waterfront homes, single family homes, as well as other types of properties. The homes for sale in St. Mary's County are available in range or prices and property types.

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