Charles County Schools

SchoolsCharles County, Maryland is located south of Washington, DC, and is considered a part of the area which makes up suburban metropolitan DC. With a population of just under 150,000 people, the area is ideal for families and with over 40% of the residents having children under the age of 18 it seems this idea has caught on. School is a priority for these families of young children and the community supports the public school system.

Charles County Public Schools strives to equip all school-aged children with a quality education. Challenging each child to rise to their academic potential can be quite a daunting task. However the Charles County Public School System accomplishes their mission by taking innovative steps toward the future of academia and establishing an educational environment that both nurtures the student and his or her individual strengths.

The school system supports Elementary, or pre-k through 5th grade, Middle School, 6th, 7th and 8th grade, and High School. Class sizes are kept to the minimum in order to offer the utmost attention and a safe environment for the school children. Each child is encouraged to grow academically and encouragement is provided through gifted staff, caring support teams, and a learning environment that caters to the student’s individuality.

Nowhere is this example celebrated more than at the North Point High School for Science, Technology and Industry. Located in the town of Waldorf, this innovative high school provides everything from academics to a hands-on vocational experience. The administrators, staff and student body embrace the school’s motto: “The real world starts here…create your own tomorrow.” by offering such programs as Advanced Technology and Engineering, Construction development, and Health, Human, and Protective Services. Each program is built of such non-traditional classes as Cisco Networking, Collision repair, Electrical Construction, Culinary and Criminal Justice programs.

Simply by offering less traditional courses and certification, North Point High School is able to encourage success. The student embraces the courses which highlight his or her strengths and gifts. If a child finds fulfillment in science, technology or industry pursuits, he or she can follow a course path in that direction. When the student feels successful there is less probability of dropping out. Moreover, each of these courses carries college credit or is weighted toward eventual certification in the student’s chosen vocation.

Unlike other high schools in the Charles County Public School system, North Point High School accepts students from all over the county and not only within the cluster lines. Students must make their application while in 8th grade and apply to one of the seventeen programs offered there. There is also a traditional track for those students who fall within the district lines of North Point High School. 

Some of the programs do have waiting lists as the popularity of these options for 9th through 12th grade students grows. The chance of an opening in some of the course directions can be slim, however you can contact the school for more information. 

Bonnie Baldus Grier
Bonnie Baldus Grier
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